Demo 2012

by Soliam

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released July 17, 2012

Jake Marsh--Guitar and Vocals
Damon Sierra--Bass and Vocals
Joe Ballard--Drums

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Lloyd Aur Norman at Villain Place
Cover art by Taylor Bailey



all rights reserved


Soliam Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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Track Name: Nora
Death sits at my prow
a grinning face that spits slick venom.
He waits, and mocks me endlessly–
consume again or follow him.

I’ll suck the flow from her warm breast,
pull in youth as sustenance.
my unwilling savior.
my concealed ruin.

She bursts within me–
body trembles.
Wounds my chest–
breath is fire.
Track Name: In Medias Res
Dark path,
hard rain,
stain left by the human press,
on the face of things.

Swollen shadows birth
smears of ink
that hang low--
greedy for blood.

This chase has taken its toll.
My lungs burn,
legs beg for collapse.
Losing focus, gaining ground.

Fear betrays her--
reveals she has what I need.
I choke on my
thirst for answers.
Closing in, dead end.
She begs of me something I can't understand.
Clawing for an escape.

Knives rip at my insides hot bile rises out of me--
scorching throat, tongue, and lips.
Black ichor meets the asphalt,
mixes well with piss and shit.
She turns and screams:
"It's inside you!"

Dark path,
hard rain,
stain left by the human press,
on the face of things.